Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wisdom Wednesday....Change Gone Come

Intentions(wisdom + hope) = X
wisdom + hope = an idea
idea (intentions)
X= Action!

"Wisdom stimulates Hope into becoming an Idea, an idea based upon Intentions is Action." While the world is debating over politics, finances, war and other such crippling issues. There are a group of social religious individuals receiving training to address issues on an united front, Interfaith 2.0 is going public. New leaders vision a society in need of new sustainability for America 2012 and beyond.

Would you believe this blog-ver-sa-tionist if I told you that - "Jewish, Christians, Muslims, Buddhist and members of the Indigenous Latino Culture spent time with each other over breakfast, lunch, studies and dinner." No one discussing ten of years of symptoms, phobias, prejudices also without the politically correct wordplay - they exercised insight, sustainability to maintain one's sanity, religious case studies drawing upon its common truths and critical thinking for conflict resolution. Hard to believe, well meet; Jewish Funds for Justice+Progressive Jewish Alliance and American Muslim Civic Leadership Institute for a partnership called COR_Community Organizing Residency.
"I had the most wonderful, inspiring weekend. My faith is renewed, my soul re(jew)venated and I'm feeling full. There are world changers about to break ground. COR...." Sam S.
COR is a 6 month residency placement with America's top institutionalize community organizations for social justice. The candidates were screened through a process then and selected based on their emotional intelligence, experience and desire for change. Creating a complete package for a difficult task ahead of the 20+ residents from San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York; COR tapping their spiritual wealth and exposing one's hidden potentials.

Spiritual services were held for each residence's obligatory days; the call of prayer for Jumah for Muslims on Friday afternoon, Shabat beginning Friday evening ending Saturday night and Sunday morning service. No compulsion or apostlization (i hope I spelled it right) just simple observation; thus expanding the residents soft skills, resolving misconceptions about the other and the strengthening of religious tolerance. 5 days of reading religious case studies of verses and statements and connecting its parallel common truths, found within the wisdom of Ibrahimic faiths. In a sense COR residents are developing new talking points on the basic truth for round table discussions.

"Sadja (prostration) is when one's heart is over one's head" Z. Imam.

America we are facing a time where social apprehension is high, which prevents true intimate dialogues from taking place. Conversations are only happening within social circles of like minds and are not truly being challenged through a group of unlike minds for critical analysis. Most talks only validate opinions from colleagues, subsequently avoiding colleagues of different opinions and/ or opposite of one's paradigm.

Random Thought: Did you know the disobedience by the midwives mentioned in Exodus 1:15-22 was a pious decision that guarded the life of Moses? (Something to think about..)

Our world has issues that need vital attention and we cannot resolve them having no relational interaction or cross communal knowledge of others. An example is developing for the truth, justice, and balance of society - and it is not by our leave. Our Creator is The Gather, the One who reconciles and unites. Connecting people together for a common good. "While the elephants fight, the grass suffers"...African Proverb. Support local efforts that relate to you and the future life of the world.
"I have a six month post working as an organizer for domestic workers rights...." M.T.
Wisdom Wednesday are thoughts for social conversation and the sharing of honest opinions, ideals, and Wisdom. All of us have a value worth sharing; it may motivate another to stop, continue and/ or begin a certain process in our personal or social development. 


  1. AsSalaamu Alaikum,

    very interesting topic.. I was reared as a Christian-Catholic at birth, until I accepted Islam as my way of life at 18. I haven't been in a church for 19 years.
    I entered a church predominate with hispanic culture in early Sept. It was a very strange atmosphere perhaps it was being in a church for the 1st time in 19y or perhaps it was the spanish being spoken. Either reasoning I came to an understanding that persons in faith should study and understand other religous cultures.. Perhaps that would stop the division of mankind. Perhaps the start of a peaceful society will emerge.. Insha Allah (God willing)

  2. Alaykum as'salaam, I was also raised as an Episcopal and this experience was my first time witnessing a service since I was like 17 yrs old (41 now). Being stable with my deen it was no problem observing and listening to a good message.

    Please share this blog-ver-sa-tion with your friends and thank you for visiting "Create A Voice"