Thursday, August 2, 2012

Every Thursday with Donald Bakeer

"Every Thursday" will feature people of creativity and/or ideals of leadership throughout their work.

Meet Donald Bakeer an educator, an author, screenplay writer and activist. I had the opportunity to sit down with Bro. Bakeer recently and we discussed his history in Los Angeles, family, and vision. He is an author of several books, the one I'm currently reading is "I, Too, Can Create Light: From Negro - to N*gg* - to Muslim". A book that captures the narrative of man's personal evolution and spiritual process.

His success has developed a platform for education and literacy. He says,"literacy opens a person's mind, in which one will embrace his/ her maturity and lead them to their purpose." I was totally honored by Bro. Bakeer allowing me to spend time with him, "I learned having a legacy starts with a family's love." #createavoice

Please visit Donald Bakeer Official website and share his narrative. Thank you see you "Every Thursday" be disruptive and you might be next.


  1. Thank you Umar for sharing with us and reminding us our history. Brother Bakeer is definitely a pillar of positive social change and a symbol of growth and development in our community. I really wish that more young adults would take advantage of the knowledge, wisdom and experience of our pioneers, such as Brother Bakeer....this to is a part of getting pass the salaams.

  2. Yes "Getting Pass the Salaams #GPS" is an awareness campaign to enhance relationships between people that could alleviate social apprehension.

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  3. Wa Salaams, Brother Bakeer is a very good brother.. I also had the opportunity to have had a conversation and dialogue with brother Bakeer. His intelligence became an inspiration to me that day- may Allah swt be pleased with him.