Thursday, December 1, 2011

Every Thursday with Russell Simmons

"Every Thursday" will feature people of creativity and/or ideas of leadership throughout their work.   

In Los Angeles there's a main street called "Central Avenue" going through some of South Central's toughest neighborhoods. Once upon a time famous African American musicians, athletes, authors and activists would be found there socializing with everyone. Where residents could see and converse with star creatives. Now today famous celebrities and successful people are cautious or cannot even travel peacefully through neighborhoods they once walked.

Here we have the man who made casual Friday a professional dress code - a visionary who helped brand Hip Hop into a household name, a successful socialprenuer/businessman, and today Russell Simmons is an everyday face among activists in the Occupy Movement.

The Occupy Movement, an OpenSource platform where an individual and/or and organization can join the 99% and have a platform for awareness and mobilized action. Russell (yes, first name basis) realizes a moral responsibility as a Queens' native. It does not take much to lend true assistance where it's truly needed, and Russell (again) is speaking the truth regarding society's division.

"The Occupy movement is under attack," ... "I benefit off the tax code, but I'm ready to pay more taxes and ...... I don't like having my secretary paying more in taxes than me." Russell Simmons


Super Rich people lending support for a country that is Morally - Super Broke. Thank you see you "Every Thursday" Be disruptive and you might be next. #createavoice

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  1. Bismillah...I vote to upgrade the Movement to "OCCUPY ALL STREETS"...Sibebar: (Sadly the inner city streets just evened the welcoming score...Though celebrities use to be able to "come down" and hang with the poor, the poor are never welcome uptown unless it's to care for babies or mop up floors)...There's so much to be moVed and we've only just began to touch on 1%...may GOD be our guide & with our deeds may GOD be pleased...amen

  2. @Anonymous, Amin and good points.

    When a community can have access to their role model or leaders, it creates learning opportunities and positive experiences for everyone.

    A more tangible benefit of witnessing humility; such as Russell Simmons (of status and wealth) among the people taking action as everyone should do, responsibly.

    Thank you for commenting and please share our blog-ver-sa-tions #createavoice