Thursday, December 8, 2011

Every Thursday with Mother, Mama or Mom

"Every Thursday" will feature people of creativity and/or ideas of leadership throughout their work.

Why wait until the month of May to honor the women who have nurtured and given endless love to us since birth. Acknowledge your Mother with a gift on your birthday, it shows appreciation and gratitude for her struggle. During birth our mothers "went into a struggle, to bring about good" finding herself sacrificing life for life. Cherish the relationship, enhance it from where it is now.

Today Mothers are overwhelmed with past/present circumstances, which may prevent a mother from being an ideal nurturer, diverting some to develop a outer relationships for a close friend's mother or auntie. Just know everyone do not have the same path and understanding how life can affect us differently. Just knowing may have an enlightenment in seeing the "what's and why's" of behavior. Second, third, or in some unique cases 1st chances, is a forgiveness we all need. No matter how may times it takes to improve, our mothers have exercised extreme care within a small time period (9 months) for our lives.

Basically the second paragraph was written to say everyone do not have an ideal lifestyle and subsequently can create insensitive understandings and disconnections. Which prevents a much needed comprehension or even recognizing another person's pain, because many with a supporting team have not experienced certain emotional set backs. 

So having Gratitude for the Mother who is ideal, Helping the young unprepared teenage Mom with her situation, and Appreciate the single Mama who've worked hard to provide without a husband; are all necessary today and everyday. "Every Thursday" is for  leadership and today we salute the role of mothers acknowledging its difficulties. Giving Mother, Mama or Mom that Love...

"There's no way I can pay you back, but my plan is to show you I understand, you are appreciated" Tupac Shakur

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  1. Loving your other mother!

    I love the second paragraph, because it is a reminder that our mothers are also human beings, who have both strengths and weakness. I was blessed to have an ideal mother, but what about Step mothers, mother-in-laws and Foster moms? It could be very challenging to show love and gratitude for the person who didnt raise you if you don't have an ideal relaionship with her, or if you have big differences of opinion and lifestyle. What then?

    I would say, LOVE them!!! The hug and warm embrace Umar shared may be the antecdote. If there are circumstances that prevent, as he said, the ideal nurturing factor in her, 99.9% of the time, some good old fashioned hugging, loving and laughing will probably be the cure....well, at least until the next situaton arises, LOL! But just keeping it real, it may not be so easy to do all the time, and thats ok, as long as there is acknowledgment of her position of honor as a mother...even if she's not your biological mother.
    My mom, step-mom, mother-in-law and community adopted mommie are all very different people, but all have something that I, as the younger generation can learn from.

  2. Umm Bayinnah, yes showing appreciation and admiration to mothers is major respect respect.

    Thank you for your comments and support (the audience shouldn't know it's me, Umar. blogging....shhhh)

    Please continue to share our blog-ver-sa-tions with your friends.

  3. Bismillah...Throughout day as I awaited the moment I would be able to sit and read today's "Every Thursday" I wondered who today's feature would be...Much to my surprise it was me...Me, my mommy, my grandmothers, my great grandmothers, my aunties, my sisters, my cousins, my girlfriends and more...I am humbled and honored by Create A Voice's acknowledgement...

    The joys and difficulties of motherhood go hand and hand; morning sickness is the companion of the baby's first in the tummy kick; school suspension is the companion of graduation..."could you have picked a better friend" is the companion of "thank you for my precious grand baby..."

    Though no mother/child journeys is the same the common factor, which warrants the greatest recognition, every human except Adam (s) reaped the comfort their mothers womb...So whether what followed was ideal or disconnection, that evasion of bodily space is the companion to earths most warm and peaceful place...

    This mommy appreciates the appreciation...may GOD be pleased...ameen