Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wednesday's Wisdom...Is Occupy Wall Street Working?

Over the past few blog-ver-sa-tions, our audience can tell we have some interest in the Occupy Movement #OWS. We described "Occupy" as an Open Source platform for advocacy of social and political issues. Organizations now have a platform to customize their outreach alongside a community of organizers and action. Avoiding the use of mainstream media, occupiers have been creating their own unique brand of communication via new media tools and channels. In fact mainstream media have been avoiding reporting the type of information that would educate Americans about this historic event #OWS, and instead this was heard ...
"how ineffective the protesters are, they have no real strategic agenda and its mainly homeless people reliving Woodstock."

Now if you have not notice Banks, Republicans and the Media all have something in common and you say who, "You". The people are taking action, educating themselves on today's issues by simply reflecting on the reality of their own lifestyles and internalizing the pressure. We are witnessing an eventful timeline of narratives between accountability and doing justice. The following are a few observations asking "Is Occupy Wall Street Working"....
  • interfaith groups performing more outreach and forming one voice encouraging justice
  • Banks are revising their strategy and trying to retain customers from closing their accounts and moving their money
  • Republicans receiving training on talking points to avoid accountability
  • Americans are concerned why the JOBS ACT was not approved
  • The major networks were once accredited sources of information until OWS
  • New media has risen with unique personalities, broadcasting more authentic sources for news online
  • U.S. City Governments are considering a Responsible Banking Ordinance
These are just a few observations. A once divided nation is progressing into one grass-root nation of humans seeking rights and their entitled dignity at birth. The beginning of the end and new beginnings are clashing. People who were called conspiracy theorists are now sought out for advice and news. 

Religion and Political conversations are no longer being avoided, in fact they are joining forces for social justice to prevail; so future generations can enjoy life. I ask you, "Is Occupy Wall Street Effective?"

"This constant push that everything has to be militarized ... I don't think that creates a good country," Feinstein said. "Because we have values, and due process of law is one of those values. And so I object, I object to holding American citizens without trial. I do not believe that makes us more safe." Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) Read more
Wisdom Wednesday are thoughts for social conversations; Sharing honest opinions, ideals, and Wisdom. All of us have a value worth sharing; it may motivate another to stop, continue and/ or begin a certain process in our personal or social development. 
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  1. Bismillah..."A once divided nation is progressing into one grass-root nation of humans seeking rights and their entitled dignity at birth. The beginning of the end and new beginnings are clashing." May the seeking and clashing continue to germinate sprouting lasting accountability and overdue justice...may GOD be pleased...ameen

  2. Thank you Umar for keeping us abreast of these things that some of us are very ignorant to and or can't follow. Hopefully this will motivate all of us to do our part, small or big, collectively.

  3. We appreciate your commentary Umm Bayinnah, Create A Voice is an open platform with blog-ver-sa-tions relating to all; not just one particular community.

    Please share "Create A Voice" with your friends and spread the word we have relevant blog-ver-sa-tion for everyone.