Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wisdom Wednesday... Share Your Story

This story is called, "Running from Responsibility" :)

Education is not free..South American Mama
The emphasis on education was a daily reminder by an immigrant mother from South America, who graciously migrated to California to increase her career opportunities. Settling in the United States with an uncle and older sister already U.S. citizens. She then spent the next 16 years working and attending night schools; obtaining certifications, diplomas, and a bachelor's degree. This experience embedded the quote, Education is not free in the minds of her children.

Having two sons, one joined the military after high school and youngest began his education at a local junior college after high school. The youngest not much of a sports fan yet alone a fan of school, shortly came to the conclusion - school was not for him.
Note: In high school the youngest, either he did not pay enough attention and/or it was his behavior that prevented a proper understanding of college. Avoiding the responsibility of seeking any type of higher education. Soon he found himself working for a broadband company. That's when he carefully worded his explanation about his decision to quit school, to his South American mama :0
This new job quickly enrolled him into pole climbing school and every basic electronic course (1-2-and-3) they offered for certification and he's thinking "dang more school!" After being on the job as a skillful service technician. During the dot com race he began visiting the homes of some very interesting customers. Being a Commodore64 kid his interests began to sparked, after having insightful conversations with those internet entrepreneurs. He developed a planned and resigned from his job after 13 years of customer education, time management development, critical thinking and learning the role of leadership.

"In other words more school without attending college, not his plan at all."

Now as an entrepreneur and finally tapping into his emotional intelligence, he was able to create and deliver some solid web ideas. Getting him some recognition, as an independent urban talent, but it was not enough. In those wider social circles one question kept presenting itself "where did you go school?" His ideas gained him that type of attention prompting the oft-repeated question, "where did you go to school?"
Note: You see there is an unspoken beef between the entrepreneur and the graduate. One despises the other for what seems to be an overnight success vs. four of years of school and another two for post grad; and then having to apply for a career offered by a guy who wears flip-flops. Which sums this point to the scene in Social Network. WOW!
School now became relevant after being avoided by people using marketing terminology, discussing business strategies and the social network of colleagues that comes along with it. Well into his 30s school was now inevitable and so he enrolled and later graduated with a bachelor's degree.

In the midst of school, he also joined a faith-based organization whose organizational culture required responsible studies, "education!" Using his experience as an entrepreneur and emotional intellect, the Creator opened more doors for civic/academic fellowships and grants; all requiring more education! Graciously the youngest took on these challenges and met them with them humility and no longer could he run from the responsibility of obtaining his education.

Man planned and God planned and God is the Best of planners  
Al Imran 3:54

Intelligence and character is the true goal of education
 Martin L. King Jr.

Intellect is the human being's super power

Call to Actions!  
  • Share your story and build stronger relationships
  • Help improve your child's local educational experience, by reviving and/or join the Parents Teacher Association (PTA)
  • Support new digital tools and online learning
  • Education is not only formal or institutional based but educate ourselves accordingly to our interests or vision.

 Wisdom Wednesday are thoughts for social conversations and "education". Sharing honest opinions, ideals, and Wisdom. All of us have a value worth sharing; it may motivate another to stop, continue and/ or begin a certain process in our personal or social development.
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