Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wisdom Wednesday... What time is it?

"There comes a time, when we heed a certain call; when the world must come together as one" (name that tune?)

"...justice is what love looks like in public" Cornell West
The year 2012, is what seems to be a defining year for communities and its residents being present and aware of action. Actions that will strengthen a community's stability and longevity in the midst of economic, education and social reforms. What is your role?

This blog-ver-sa-tion and its questions, hopefully will connect the reader with his/her role in their community. Communities are not just houses or apartment complexes; but it's the people and their mutual interests, and driving its purpose or vision. People sharing social responsibility for issues that create power for change. Change requires a presence of people, have you arrived?

People are no longer avoiding conversations of religion and politics. Over the past 12 years, society have fallen back into faith for sustainability and comfort during recent economic hardships. Livelihood is longer providing a person his confidence and status. Faith is restoring a person's spirituality and re-aligning hearts with its' soul.

Faith-based organizations are generating dialogue and have been forming collaborations for civic engagement. Individuals and groups who arrogantly ignore America's shift into a new paradigm of relationships; will be simply be stamped as FAIL! Simply by keeping themselves away from common ground. America's melting pot (narrative) of stone soup is ready to serve dignity with chunky bits of diversity; would you like a bowl of love?

American people are educating themselves and learning more about political processes through unbiased sources. Cable network news channels are now only being studied for their argument's framework and entertainment now. Reverting minds and their constructs back to facts and simple wisdom. A collective redevelopment of community with a stronger confidence and deeper self esteem to organize. The past 12 years have forced people to share causes and become a better resource to one another. "What time is it!"...M. Ray PICO Calif.

When you are down and out there seems no hope at all....We're saving our own lives


 Wisdom Wednesday are thoughts for social conversations. Sharing honest opinions, ideals, and Wisdom. All of us have a value worth sharing; it may motivate another to stop, continue and/ or begin a certain process in our personal or social development.
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