Monday, February 20, 2012

Pause for this Brief Conscious Break....

Pause for this Brief Conscious Break and Revive Black History Month with Tyrese Gibson, Blair Underwood and Jill Scott - A Dreamer's Dream. Never judge a book by its cover, but listen to his words and then you'll know what's in his heart. Watch this innovative blog-ver-s-ation of prayer and enlightenment.

Share this with your young people. Family we're on the edge of a paradigm shift and we should enter it with a new mindset. The revelations of Religion and leaders are manifesting today. Engage your soul responsibility and let us re-iterate our dimension. Encounter the excellence waiting for us, as Moses led his people to the Promise Land of Faith and our Creator's Mercy. Revive Black History Month and enhance Civil Rights by embracing Human Rights.

"A Dreamer's Dream" starring Tyrese Gibson, Blair Underwood & Jill Scott from Voltron Recordz on Vimeo. Martin Luther King

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