Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wisdom Wednesday...Falling out of Love

I wanna go outside in the ...
Never thought I reach this point in my life to say, I am falling out of love with you. We literally met in my aunt's Brooklyn basement and you amazed me with rhythmic American Poetry. I cannot lie, your spoken word - spoke to me. I was ready to tell my friends back home about my experience, but you arrived on the left coast no longer after we met. I practiced your rhetorical freestyle, but never mastered the craft. As a presenter of ideas you kept me sharp, bold and savvy with business, engaging civic culture and religion. The Creator made us ambassadors for the urban community, a sign out of poverty - the world watched you evolve globally. i Never became dissatisfied when new regions in the U.S. embraced you. In fact you have re-invented society and mastered the art - knowing how to "move the crowd" and I vowed never to disown our love.

Over the years we both matured into many facets of life. Now it is difficult witnessing you being used to disrespect our culture and your influential leadership manipulated. My friends warned me, "Can't you see, many of them are disrespecting our people, heck-a-foul." The explanation for those moments of misuse was, "it is only entertainment and not reality" but I ignored the warnings and bought that. Now a line has been crossed and it is not entertaining at all.

I have watched Hip-Hop take stands, and I've enjoyed many good moments. Endured the storm in bad times; but I cannot wrap my head around some fatherly advice recently given. It's amazing how we can rise from nothing and then grow to suppress the very same culture we claimed to be rescuing. Giving advice on how to "Turn Young Girls Out" took me into a wormhole of thoughts and possibilities surrounding the women of my immediate and extended family members.

"You are a Public Enemy to falsehood, but it seems you're digressing into an enemy to the public"

I am falling out of love with the essential use of Hip Hop as days prolong, no longer can I excuse its behavior. Seriously please tell me, obtaining rewards for the work, does it affect one's mind and soul, to the point of being impious? Or have these fictional rhyming characters (Jinns) taken over their bodies and now rappers are hosting unwanted beings, consumed with spreading mischief and mating immorally with humans. Sounds far fetched; well instructing young men how to stimulate harmful sex, will only cause and continue to create long term mental health issues.

Hopefully this is a learning lesson for all of us; one we can grow from. Maybe some responsible people will begin reforming this tool, called Hip Hop; and heal our urban culture. At one time people disbelieved we could not produce high levels of emotional intelligence and then, The Creator gave us Hip Hop! 
It's about reconstructing a nation for simple goodness. Utilize sciences to benefit and not pervert a young mind, subsequently future leaders.?!
"Hip Hop, I am Falling out of Love; It's not you, it's me."

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  1. I really enjoyed this piece; however, the noise that fills our ears today is no where near hip-hop, but more so unconscious awareness. I choose not to entertain the likelihood of today's noises nor give them my currency as an approval of the negativity that is ever so loudly shaping the minds of our youth. I stick to what I know and love...conscious hip hop. Messaged hip hop. Feel good hip hop. Real hip hop. I play hip hop that is timeless no matter how many years ago it was produced, it is still relevant with the times. I'm still in love with hip hop...this current crap I'm not.

    1. Melodic, I hear you. Just never thought would here a 45 year old rapper? give such input and name it fatherly advice. Thank you for checking and sharing Create-A-Voice

  2. So glad that I took the time to read this piece this morning. It was a Great expression. I too have fallen out of love with Hip-hop and find myself reaching back to play those what our kids call Run DMC and so many others. the old school mixed cd in my car that is getting more play than our local radio stations.. I long for those days when the I could hear a good message in my HipHop.. With all that I sometimes force myself to listen to what our kids now call HipHop..funny how if the music is right I can almost get lost snapping my fingers and bobbing my head .. until opps what was that he said.... he degraded me , my mother and my daughter... wow and had I not been listening and pointed it out .. she might have missed it and may have thought nothing other than the music is great. as she is snapping her fingers and bobbing head as well.. Thank you again for this ..

    1. MY A-DID'AS!
      walk through concert doors
      and roam all over coliseum floors
      I stepped on stage, at Live Aid
      All the people gave an applause that paid
      And out of speakers I did speak
      I wore my sneakers but I'm not a sneak
      My Adidas cuts the sand of a foreign land
      with mic in hand I cold took command
      my Adidas and me both askin P
      we make a good team my Adidas and me
      we get around together, rhyme forever
      and we won't be mad when worn in bad weather
      My Adidas..

      Thanks Anonymous and please share this blog-ver-sa-tion

  3. First thing... love "MY A-DID'AS"

    Being of a slightly younger generation, my husband had to school me on the classics- Rakim, Run DMC, and the like. Over this past decade, i have gone through a MUSICAL EVOLUTION. I remember back in high school I used to argue down my grandmother when she would say rap music was an atrocity that was bringing down an entire generation.

    In my most recent conversation with my grandmother about rap music, I found myself name dropping "... but Granny, have you ever heard of Mos Def? Lupe Fiasco? They are not so bad, if fact they are good." And she looked at me and said, "Well, I've never heard of them!and I bet these young people out here haven't either!" At that point I just shut my mouth because the truth is, I haven't listened to rap music in a very long time because it just gives me a headache and makes me feel outdated.

    But then I turned on LinkTV one day and saw these rappers from the Congo, and Sudan, and South Africa. Ha! The essence of rap is still alive! They were using rap as a vehicle for expression and change. We need to harness this back into our ghettos. Is it too late? Have are young people gone so far astray they don't even know they're being oppressed???

    1. Muslim Mommy same here, til this day I would have defended most rap artists just based on my love for Hip Hop and Rap. As mentioned, in the last few years the music has become adulterated and in some cases no lyrical wordplay or skill set based in poetic creativity.

      Recently I attended a Hip Hop concert organized by MPAC (Muslim Public Affairs Council) called "Finding Soul Through Sound" Featuring Muslim Singers and Emcees with creativity, style and messaging.

      So just like those Emcees in the Congo you found them utilizing Hip Hop as a tool. Like the staff given to Moses, Hip Hop was given to us a tool to raise awareness and change the outcome for those in poverty. Totally agree with you.

      Just my thoughts...