Thursday, March 22, 2012

Every Thursday with Good Music

Visit Unstruck for his thoughts on Good Music
"Every Thursday" will feature people of creativity and/or ideas of leadership throughout their work.

Everyone loves hit music, but today the establishment controls the rotation. We are the 99% and we want our own playlist and original music! Create-A-Voice understanding of the World Wide Web, began with a music site. Our objective and focus was basically advertise and promote the indie artist, group and/or band. Highlight their music, what we labeled as unCharted Hits. Good Music that could hold its own against any mainstream song in heavy rotation, but consequently did not get that rotation from local radio.

We were solicited and was hired to promote indie music, by everyday people who created unCharted Hits. People who held jobs, sacrificed, and went hard to give you Good Music. We were associated with some the best talent in Los Angeles and across the United States, from Jamaica to South Africa, and the UK. A young indie site with refreshing Hip Hop, R&B and more.
Random Thought: The radio industry, is fading out like newspapers. Simply waited too long to embrace the Net. They had people in positions collecting checks and knew nothing about New Media Strategies. No excuse for not swimming in a blue ocean mind frame.
So People remember, the establishment wants to control what you hear, what you buy, and what goes in rotation! Go out and find your own Good Music and let it play, Every Thursday - simply  Disturb The Peace!

The Occupy Movement's Soundtrack produced many unCharted  Hits, and below is one by Allen Stone with "Unaware" Live from his Mother's Living Room!

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