Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wisdom Wednesday...Rights pt 2

The Passengeris back with part II of the Wisdom Wednesday's blog-ver-sa-tion, "Rights." To refresh your memory, he encountered an officer of the law roughly assessing a homeless woman, possibly mentally ill, for metro train fare and identification. Follow the Passenger as he meets the same law officer once again. Journey with him upon the road of protest, isolation, reflection and more in part II of Rights.

Episodes opens...

Leaving a program at Cal State University of Long Beach for academic presentations of a master's program. Getting dropped off at the Willow Metro Station in Long Beach, TAP for entry and boarding. Arriving at his destination in minutes. While exiting, before him was same the law officer, again, roughly assessing another woman of color - this time a Latino school girl.
Thought: Please keep in mind the Passenger have seen officers handle other train fare evaders and even once received a ticket himself, and never contested their work; but this officer's unnecessary rough assessment of a homeless woman and now a young school girl, was not dignified at all. Assessing the situation by watching carefully and realized what's going on, the Passenger says...
 Passenger: Man, you at it again with your roughness and unnecessary treatment with another woman!
Officer: Leave!
Passenger: Not until you give her the rights she deserve...
Officer: Leave and go!
Passenger: I'm moving over here out the way, to ensure her rights?!
Officer: (Officer radios for assistance) and says, "You're going to jail"

At this moment other officers rushed the train platform and surrounding the Passenger. The Passenger states his problem with their colleague for the second time within 2 weeks, handling women travelers with unnecessary roughness. The African American officer then raises his taser stun gun and then the other officers follow his lead. Then a young person says,"I'm taping this homie it will be up tonight!" The Passenger announces his name and briefly describes what's going on. This upsets the officers even more, then the African American officer loudly advising the Passenger to place his hands behind his back or else. The Passenger states his belief in the Creator and nervously but with confidence place his hands behind his back. Immediately they detain the Passenger.

With back and forth conversation while being shuffled to the officer's vehicle with statements, insults and a lot "what-evers" between the Passenger and the African American officer. Along the way, officers are surprised at the number of witnessing bystanders who knows the Passenger's by his neighborhood nickname and telling him to, "stay up homie." What happens next, goes as follows...

Sargent: My deputy tells me you have problem with him doing his job.
Passenger: No, but I have a problem with the way he treats women for not having train fare and ID, just last week your man made a homeless cry.
Sargent: But you're interfering with our work.
Officer: I will let you go if tell me "I'm right" or you go to jail.
Passenger: Ok. You admit the way you handle women is wrong and then we mutually agree on better terms, but it's your discretion on how want you handle me from here.

In the meanwhile driving the Passenger into the local county jail for booking
The Passenger and the Sargent begins small talk, you know "the good cop, bad cop psych"; consequently denied all the Passenger's requests. The Passenger tells the Sargent, "whatever happens to me is cool after we part, but you should seriously need to talk with your young officer on how treat people of color with dignity. Because it seems he's working out fear in the urban community, or maybe dealing with some personal issues or both; but yo'man needs some sincere advice before something goes wrong out here, just saying with sincerity.

Sargent books the Passenger into the local jail and he stays there for the next 5 days; missing the rainy weather over the weekend, his family, and going through some serious without internet withdraws. Here the Passenger prays, meditate, reflects on the last few days and adjust his focus for a more effective strategy for social justice. All during this transition between a mental-physical grave and his earthly freedom.

Rights and Lessons Learned ....
  • Do not break the law to change the Law.
  • Learn the process of public civic organizations and use it
  • The Creator has many systems, and He is the One Who Admonishes
  • Your family has rights over you, respect it and treat them with dignity
  • Intelligence is the Human Being's super power. "With great power, comes great responsibility" Ben Parker
  • Meditation works, there is a spiritual plane that exists and the Creator calms the soul
  • Observe your religious obligations no matter what conditions overcome you
  • Freedom is Sweet, Let it Ring!
  • Please comment and add more lessons for learning, this is your community.
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  1. May the passenger stay blessed and may each step he makes stay guided by the creator.

  2. "Observe your religious obligations no matter what conditions overcome you"

    Loving the lessons, write on! ASA

  3. It's truly a blessing to be used to teach others. Mr. Passenger, where ever you are, thanks for sharing your story. It was inspriing to see anyone care for and stand up for another person other than their selves in this society. BUt it was even more inspiring to see the passenger acess the situation in his reflection and to humbly admit that there was a better way to fight that fight.

    I certainly learned from this, as I struggle in the
    the war bewteen reacting from emotion or intellect and when is it necessary to combine the two!

    Lookig forward to hear more travels from the passenger.

    1. that was cool anonymous, I'm sure the Passenger is reading this. Please share his story with your virtual and physical friends also #createavoice :)