Thursday, May 17, 2012

Every Thursday with Mahdi Ahmad

Meet Mahdi Ahmad, a social media personality on Facebook. Having over 4,000 plus virtual friends, he engages an audience with witty commentary, insightful thoughts and "ah ha" moment questions; triggering "likes" across his Fb's community. Challenging, opposing, and sometimes provokes an individual or group's philosophy - he finds ways to share his opinion and institute balance for a common comprehension.

A founding member of Umma Films, creating Umma's early web presence with entertaining viral content on Muslim lifestyles. "The internet will help change minds", says Mahdi. Ready to use the World Wide Web as his tool of outreach. Mahdi believes the internet will help his keyboard activism of reversing ignorance. Here are a few of his quotes...
 "PEOPLE: stop making spirituality complicated. Your life will be less confusing and frustrating if you make what's simple SIMPLE"

"LIFE: I might disagree with you vehemently, but I respect you completely. Life, you are what you are but I live you everyday. That's the life of life..."

"Don't allow craziness to make you crazy. Allow it to make you appreciate sanity..."
As a web personality, he records small video conversations under an online thought Keeping It Wise. The below video is where Mahdi interviews a friend of his, who recently visited Makkah, Saudi Arabia and its Holy sites.

Every Thursday with Mahdi Ahmad using the internet to help change minds and teach his audience with entertaining content. Never know, next Thursday it might be you.... #createavoice

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