Sunday, May 20, 2012

Pause for this Brief Conscious Break

"This is Only a Test"
We break your regular blog-ver-sa-tion programming for....
'Stereotypes, Music and Politics'

Who is to blame for America's social ills. We live in country whose history depicts slavery, war, poverty, sexism and more. By products, psychologies and communities rose from these conditions and perpetuate images, sound and ideas into America's Pop culture. Ironically society glorify and utilizes its content for monetary compensation. Subsequently, a population of fans are coming in touch with a secret reality, most do not want to be assimilated.

America has the adult industry of porn, issues of homelessness, cases of mental health issues and many more societal ills. Its has been said, "Art imitates Life." Music at times can score a political message about areas in need of transformation. Eras of Hip Hop as well, once scored the soundtrack of America's social ills. KRS-ONE, Public Enemy, Queen Latifah and in some cases even NWA - all have spoken or stood against a demoralized ill within the African American culture. One would say how does NWA fits this bill? The controversial underground hit "F**** Tha Police" spoke on police and their use of brutal influence, that was ignored for decades. Then, Rodney King and the '92 Riots broke out, now does "Life imitate Art?"

Nevertheless stereotypes, music and politics are big issues today and its a discussion on Capitol Hill. Courtesy of CapNewsNet, posted an articulate (9 minutes 46 seconds) debate between Congress and the Hip Hop/ Rap community, a conversation capturing one's attention; asking oneself...

Who is to blame for America's ills? Who will take responsibility and/or develop a strategy to resolve our ill natures?

This blog-ver-sation is food for thought and for one to consider the possibilities of resolving our social ills that hurts all corners of the American society. Note: this is a brief moment of the conversations, more can be seen on Youtube@CapNews.

We now return you to your regular blog-ver-sa-tion program #createavoice

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  1. Bismillah...Amazing Grace..."We've got to dig deeper into the archives of American culture and we've got to look at practices the behaviors and beliefs that are perpetuated....Then join together with hip hop clean up ACROSS the BOARD the negativity that we find there...You can't justify to me the use of the word nigga...I am not going to buy into that...I don't wanna adopt the morays the metaphors the machination and mentality of my slave master...I wanna move myself and my community from those kind of anchors...I don't wanna ape & imitate my slave master...I wanna create something more life giving...something that affirms my dignity as opposed to affirming my death...I am willing to work harder to change the conditions in which I come out of so maybe I won't have to talk about it...There's nothing that you can look at in my music and say it doesn't exist in my community" MASHA ALLAH a powerful dialogue on both sides...May Mr. Banner's & Mr. Rush's words manifest into action...I will now return to my regular blog-ver-sa-tion program...may ALLAH be pleased...ameen