Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wednesday's Wisdom

It's Ramadan and Create-A-Voice will share the Muslim point 
 of view during this month. I am not a Muslim blogger, but I am a Muslim who writes blog-ver-sa-tions. Studying Islam's way of life (deen), is a natural disposition for most Muslims. The ability and time to internalize Islamic literature for guidance and proper conduct among family, community, for civic engagement and ethics.

Learn and explore your way of life

     Prophet Muhammad (Peace Blessings Upon Him) was a teacher to his companions. Teaching them proper comprehension and application of the Holy Quran and his ways. The companions, fraternally close, revered the teachings into their own lives. One companion in particular, Umar Ibn Al Khattab (peace and blessings) was well known for his wisdom and leadership. He advised the people in ways that are still relevant today.

In the following statement, Umar Ibn Al Khattab addresses the people about social justice....

"Glory to Allah! Verily Justice is an important obligation to Allah and to man. You have been charged with this responsibility. Discharge this responsibility so that you may win the approbation of Allah and the good will of the people. Treat the people equally in your presence, and in your decisions, so that the weak despair not of justice, and the high-placed harbor no hope of favoritism. The onus of proof lies on the plaintiff, while the party who denies must do so on oath. Compromise is permissible, provided that it does not turn the unlawful into something lawful, and the lawful into something unlawful. Let nothing prevent you from changing your previous decision if after consideration you feel that the previous decision was incorrect. When you are in doubt about a question and find nothing concerning it in the Qur’an or the Sunna of the Prophet, ponder the question over and over again. Ponder over the precedents and analogous cases, and then decide by analogy. A term should be fixed for the person who wants to produce witnesses. If he proves his case, discharge for him his right. Otherwise the suit should be dismissed. All Muslims are trustworthy, except those who have been punished with flogging, those who have borne false witness, or those of doubtful integrity." Principles for the Administration of Justice

     Just think, at times people are bias mainly due to a lack of wisdom. It's the Most Wise, who has given mankind intelligence for fair judgement over ourselves, the people and society. We could embrace these words and change how the workplace interacts, the politician use of their influence and balance areas of leadership to mutually benefit and properly facilitate trust.
Wisdom Wednesday are reminders for social conversations - the sharing of honest opinions and wise ideals. All of us have a value worth sharing; it may motivate another to stop, continue and/or begin a certain process in our personal growth or social development.
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