Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wisdom Wednesday... it's So Cool being Muslim

It was December 31, 1997 when I initially began thinking about Al Islam as my way of life (deen). I was reared in the urban Episcopal Church as as acolyte, also was a regular for ditching Sunday School and totally loved my Auntie lacing me with lessons of consideration, I still employ today. 
Auntie: "why you did not give that man any water as he requested"
Bop: "he was a stranger"
Auntie: "that person could have been Jesus or angel needing your help..."
Not knowing her Biblical based jewels laid before me, would lead to my appointment with Al Islam on Friday July 3, 1998. That day I publicly declared my belief, and reverted - becoming a Muslim. Since then life has definitely changed. For example; I pray 5 times day, fast during the Holy Month of Ramadan and the Creator has aligned my development with some pretty cool Muslims, social networks and interfaith dialogue of understanding.

Why is it so cool...
Contrary to popular belief, Islam in America has played a significant role in the history of the United States. Such events as.... 
  • Moroccan–American Treaty of Friendship Morocco's head of state was the first to recognize the U.S. as a country.
  • The advent of African slaves and their knowledge of the Arabic language. Thus acknowledging our literacy and becoming a free person. Read the book "Prince Among Slaves, Ibrahima Abd Al Rahman" 
  • The Narrative of the Nation of Islam, El Hajj Malik El Shabazz (Malcolm X) and other Men and Women during an unique time in U.S. History.
  • Now here is the cool part... 
"I get first hand oral narrations from men and women who, walked the walk and talked the talk. Telling me unique leadership moments of  Malcolm X and of a pious community, relaying the wisdom of those days."

Learning about this struggle is very important for me. Today I stand knowing, African Americans stood not to be marginalized or suppressed by unjust sanctions and/or laws; but men and women who faced injustice and established dignity, identity and character with the Creator's Permission. This stand was not just for the blackman, but the initial steps of an universal outreach for every suppressed person in America. Creating a voice and platforms for social justice, economics, history, education and many other components for rebuilding a more just nation.

it's So Cool being Muslim... we have been given a chance to become ambassadors of good will and exemplify dignity, piety and respect. Not allowing any Islamic phobics an edge into our conscious. Giving up no mental territory - that would alter our actions to speak, write and live. I am totally grateful for my path walked and still walking. Growing up in the City of Compton, we have a saying - never worry and I tell you as well, "Never Worry."  

"I let the Creator deal with the beliers, and I keep it creative!"

I write (type) these blog-ver-sa-tions, relying on the Creator's Inspiration to deliver relevant content for social conversations. We speak from an unique urban experience and valuable cultural narrative. Making us count our blessings to remain, diamond like. Respect your foundation, understand other foundations and I stand on a monotheism foundation. It grants the insight to say, "it's So Cool Being Muslim..."

Wisdom Wednesday are reminders for social conversations - the sharing of honest opinions and wise ideals. All of us have a value worth sharing; it may motivate another to stop, continue and/or begin a certain process in our personal growth or social development.
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