Thursday, August 30, 2012

Every Thursday with Keith Ellison

"Every Thursday" will feature people of creativity and/or ideals of leadership throughout  their work.

This Thursday we are taking a different approach, with leadership and humor. Recently, Minnesota 5th District Congressman Keith Ellison, appeared on Comedy Central's Colbert Report's, Better Know a District with Stephen Colbert. This episode was brought to my attention by SA5M, thanks. A very funny interview with Congressman Ellison, handling himself as a leader with humor. Watch and see for your self... 

*****Just when you think Big Corporations are cool, they go and remove the video. This proves my point on the political game. It's a conspiracy to stop humans from Man that's cold! Sorry about this people, but it's normally available. I guess it was giving Democrats a better rank in the polls.*****

U.S. Congressman Keith Ellison, Minnesota's 5th District representative. The first Muslim elected into Congress and the first African American to represent Minnesota's House. In his 3rd term having faced most opposition, he overcame obstacles with a good and sound character, representing the people's best interest.

Many representatives bare the burdens of their constituency, it could have a negative affect one's on social attitude. A sense of humor could carry a person through tough stressful times. Watching this super edited video, designed for its satire and humor; only a strong person of confidence and good personality would sit through those engineered questions (some funny 

Keith Ellison opened his funny side, making this an excellent example of leadership having humor and being an all around sport. So other politicians, you may wanna rethink your public strategy and let us see your human side and next Thursday it may be you, here on Every Thursday.

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