Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wisdom Wednesday... One Voice

The purpose of this blog-ver-sa-tion, is to motivate the Muslim into forming one community voice. Our sustainability is critically important upon this action. We need to assemble our components into a churning mechanism for justice.

In forming this mechanism, we would be alleviating ourselves and our communities of inherited prejudices. Issues and  conditions imposed on individuals, by previous generations. Demarcate a new era, begin identifying talent, and organize on common ground. Start eliminating misconceptions, racism, entitlement and many other dividing illusions; that separate healthy hearts and minds.

Accept one another based on our monotheistic belief (Tauhid, The Creator's Oneness). Whether a Muslim is conservative, liberal and/or secular; Muslims are reliant upon one another. Organizing from within, before an external public organize this powerful and influential demographic, and then pipe out valuable social resources.

Carefully acknowledge and in the best ways expose any indifference, thus initiating a healing process. Seek wellness from within the community's own qualified network of educators, doctors and organizations. The hidden prejudices are mostly inherited and passed on. We can cut it off at the pass and form a new American narrative, for a more paralleled mindsets. Education for all and encourage more interactive socializing is a necessary key, Get passed the Salaams.

Forming One Voice will symbolize the unity spoken within Islamic teachings and we can fulfill that promise together. Those who have a more religious nature, can become more brotherly/or sisterly relevant with those who desire a deeper faith, but have turned off by a minute few with an; let's say an, "arrogance (kibr)" of faith. Muslims are noble men and women, true Ambassadors of Peace, Education and Opportunity.

Show no inclination of self-doubt, upon hearing Islamophobia being pitched. The opposition are more fearful to see - a new paradigm of diversity, taking on their American responsibilities. Nonetheless, who care what they think. Practicing Good will only attract Good.

Avoid being provoked into acting out of character, in various circles. Stay calm and practice having patience. Speaking of circles and looking at the GOP circle, they are on the verge of embracing a new mindset of GOP members...
 ‎"This is their last, best chance to win an election in the party’s current demographic and ideological form. Future generations of GOP politicians will have to appeal to nonwhite voters who hold far more liberal views about the role of government than does the party’s current base." NyMag August 27, 2012
 Forming One Voice can/will benefit communities across by the following....
  • Protection, ensuring social justice for all people, regardless of religious background
  • Economic power will make a difference and more create job/career opportunity
  • Negate immoral influences
  • Develop and Define an American Muslim Identity will be Birthed
  • Assure Dignity for future generations
Wisdom Wednesday are reminders for social conversations - the sharing of honest opinions and wise ideals. All of us have a value worth sharing; it may motivate another to stop, continue and/or begin a certain process in our personal growth or social development.
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