Tuesday, August 21, 2012

WS: Ta'leef Collective with Reflections

In the urban world "WS" is an acronym for West Side. Here on Create-A-Voice it represents Web Series. Showcasing indie producers and directors with video docs of watchful awareness and/or simple watchable entertainment. Relevant blog-ver-sa-tion; the family can Watch, Listen and Read.

Reflections with Usama Canon in "Innovation and Creativity"

Ta'leef Collective presents a new video series titled "REFLECTIONS." These videos are short vignettes featuring people from the Ta'leef community on topics that range from religion, culture, lifestyle, knowledge, arts, sciences, community, family, etc.

In this discourse (Innovation & Creativity), Usama Canon talks about the need for creative voices in the Muslim community. He contends that Islam did not come to eradicate people's creativity and passion, rather that it came to nurture it and when put in the right context with the right framework and understanding, that creativity can be something that draws people near to the Divine. 

USAMA CANON :: Usama is the Founding Director of Ta’leef Collective and maintains an active role in various facets of outreach and education, concentrating on issues facing Muslim youth, assisting converts, and developing support systems for Muslims living in the West. (Ta'leef Collective)

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