Thursday, September 20, 2012

Every Thursday with Kobe Bryant

"Every Thursday" will feature people of creativity and/or ideas of leadership throughout their work. 

Homelessness, a major domestic problem in the United States. We see individuals, some we know and others we ponder, "how did it come to this." Living within a world of circumstances, mental health, addictions for many. There are those cases of people, whose story will uplift you and make you realize how to #UseYourPower4Peace.

NBA Champion Kobe Bryant recently visited the Skid Row Community in Downtown LA, just east of the Staple Center. Skid Row a home of Activists, Organizers and Missions working daily; treating a great number of social ills and maintaining healthy streets. Kobe stated at the press conference, the care and attention one should show and have for people caught by their circumstance or a transition in life.

Watch this video blog-ver-sa-tion and hear the sincerity of a World Champion... ladies & gentlemen, sistahs and brothers - we present Kobe Bryant....

We have been working the Skid Row community for the past 13 years, with the annual Humanitarian Day. Skid Row needs a consistent attention, and the Lakers' Organization have been very consistent at providing ample opportunity for Skid Row residents.

So how will you #UseYourPower4Peace and make a difference in your book deeds. Keeping working and tie yourself to good people and causes, start at home first and next week it might you on Every Thursday.  

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