Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wisdom Wednesday... Looking back

You ever decided to mearsure your progress? Checking your professional or personal growth. Many have are upon their personal and/or professional journey for transformation. Which most family members, friends and others that knew the previous you, fail to understand or even respect your change. The one thing that always help, is when we stop to reflect and measure our development.

The world we occupy, tends to send us messages for contemplation. Some notes are comforting, while others notes can intiate a discomfort. In all the world is suggesting to its occupiers, change is inevitable. The saying, Diamonds are born under pressure, symbolizes change over time #havepatience. It is the process of coal, changing into what civilation considers as a valuable commodity or to some as a precious stone.

Here is another one, Change only happens, when you decide to change. The new year has already inarguated a paradigm shift in communication, governance and the way business is conducted.

Are you ready for change, have you identified your core values? There are a few exercises we can conduct that will measure our growth....

The River of Life... drawing an event timeline of life's events. Significant points and moments that hold a meaningful interpetation of who you are today versus who you were yesterday.

Then there are those meaningful conversations, with a person who cares and can provide an honest evaluation without being bias. Only have this conversation with a person who respects you, and have given sincere advice and good moral support along your path. Remember this...

"You cannot measure life with a ruler, but we can create tenets that will measure life's transformation." Identify your core values. Place and apply those values into actions; with asset assistance (a social network or support group). Double the actions when necessary, learn from the mistakes. Acquire a positive attitude that will cushion you, during hard times and trials, #havepassion.

Despite what the negative suggests, ignore it and move with assurance The Creator Provides for His creation. Document daily, using the documention as a record of mishaps and accomplishments. Soon, looking back light will begin to show. Thank your Creator for His Generousity on you, #havegratitude.

Some say it's chance or luck, but having gratitude will carry you a long way. The Most Generous, Loves His creation, more than a mother loves her child. Remember "Diamonds are born under pressure" and progress comes out of planning, a focused determination, and hard work. What happens today is only development for tomorrow.

Never Worry Souljahs, you have not made it through... divorce, poverty, incarceration, homelessness, pregnancies, a loss of employment, ridicule, lies upon your character, urban warfare, drugs, alcoholism, a group home, foster parents, an abusive relationship....

just to say, "I quit..." Never give up! Get up and ride over those negative obstacles! Look back at your path and be content with your progress, whether small or big it belongs to you. See the possibilities and let it happen naturally.  #tohavevision

Wisdom Wednesday are thoughts for social conversation and the sharing of honest opinions, ideals, and Wisdom. All of us have a value worth sharing; it may motivate another to stop, continue and/ or begin a certain process in our personal or social development. 
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  1. Did u write this for me? No seriously lol.

    "The Most Generous, Loves His creation, more than a mother loves her child. Remember "Diamonds are born under pressure" and progress comes out of planning"

    Thank you for this! I have been working on a top secret project for a while and have had so many roadblocks - u know, just life! And I have learned many lessons. The advice you give here is so on point! I would add, "don't share your dream with ANYONE unless you truly trust them, and even then, still protect it like a baby."

    JazakAllah Kharin!

    1. All Praises and Thanks, belongs to our Creator. We are simply trying to post relevant blog-ver-sa-tions of motivation, based on experience and simple everyday thoughts swimming in the average person's mental.

      We need to trade emails Muslim Mommy, I am constructing a New Media of Creatives, recruiting talent for a bigger purpose.? #createavoice