Wednesday, January 16, 2013

#WisdomWed... Eat Right to Think Right

We live in an age, where our foods have a short shelf life. Meats, breads, and fruits are all trucked in over, time and distance and it's expiration date is priority. Our consumption of fast foods is slowly killing us with high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems and more. Are you ready to save your life?

"Eat Right to Think Right" is food program in Los Angeles, and it is a simple reminder for healthy consumption and good mental health. A large majority of us are no longer eating the right foods and/or taking the necessary supplements the body (temple) requires. This routine can/will develop long term health problems for your physical and also be considered a mental disorder. Yep, there are anonymous groups for eating disorders.

Let's make this a more relevant blog-ver-sa-tion and not post stats and charts for convincing, that is out of the question. You already know what is happening with your body's performance; the lack there of?

We constantly contemplate the "what ifs" thoughts about stopping, regulating and creating better diets. How we so desire to exercise, quit eating pork (seriously, overall not good over time), drinking more water (our urine color reminds us, we need more water) and simply how we need a more a healthier outlook. This next question is for the over 40 reader...

 "Thinking back , observing the lives of high school friends, how many have died from heart attacks, cancer, or kidney failure?"

Something to think about.... These ailments extend from poor health and wrongful desires. Though we live within our Creator's Grace; our eating habits, lack of medical attention or having no health insurance, and fast food consumption; possibly can be considered as a form of suicide.

 We have been given a temple to maintain, and I am the first to admit my wrong; this is my intention to become better and progressively take back my health. You only have one life to live, so strive #Eat Right2Think!

Wisdom Wednesday are thoughts for social conversation and the sharing of honest opinions, ideals, and Wisdom. All of us have a value worth sharing; it may motivate another to stop, continue and/ or begin a certain process in our personal or social development. #tohavevision
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  1. Alhamdulillah, thank you for the reminder. I grew up in a tofu and bean sprouts kind of house lol. As a child, it embarrassed me that my family was eating all these healthy foods. The other kids teased me about my pumperickel bread sandwiches wrapped in wax paper and the split pea soup my mom served for diner when they came over!

    But.... Thanks be to Allah I was raised like this! As an adult, I slide into bad habits from time to time, but I crave healthy food because of the way I was raised. So, that brings up another issue- feed your children healthy foods so they can think better and clearer as well!

    Yes, our mental and physical are one! We have to be good to ourselves by taking good care of our bodies and minds! How can we worship God and not take good care of the bodies He lent to us for our short time here on earth?

    1. "... and not take good care of the bodies He lent to us for our short time here on earth?" (Like)

      That was a true statement, it's a short stay and we have been a suit to maintain. Tofu..:(- lol! Thou I eat Dr. Gosh tofu items:)

      Thanks Muslim Mommy for sharing and making this blog-ver-sa-tion relevant.

      Note: I was all over your blogs, trying to contact you?