Thursday, January 10, 2013

Every Thursday with a reflection from Ashton

"Every Thursday" will feature people of creativity and/or ideas of leadership throughout their work.

Urban lives are full of memories, incidents and lessons. Memorable situations that did not make much sense then; but later becomes a seed sprouting fruitful lessons, which cultivates a person's life and begin to nurture the next generation.

Here is Ashton's Facebook reflection, upon the seeds planted by her mother growing up....
"I just saw at least 5 kids between the age of 9-13 outside on busy streets alone; thinking to myself where in the world are these kids parents & it also made me think of my childhood...
I would be outside & we all know the rule 'street lights on, Your inside!' No questions asked. Well I thought that was a stupid rule and without fail almost everyday my mom would come from the top of the hill speeding in her red rodeo looking for me. I was always in the same spot with a group of friends, we'd see the headlights on her truck, I'd hide behind a bush, & she would stop and ask where I was at - everyone would say "oh she went home a long time ago!" & as soon as she pulled off I would RUN home jump on the couch and wait for her, trying as best I could to catch my breath. 

She'd come in & say, "Where were you?! Didn't I tell you to be in at a certain time!" My response was always, "Really!? I've been here, I was in the bathroom."

I don't know what I was thinking we lived in a one bedroom apartment, there's no way she could have missed me -but it was worth A shot. At that age I always thought why doesn't she just let me have my life! She always gotta come looking for me, everybody else's parents lets them stay out. 

Now that I am a mommy I know why she did that, I couldn't imagine my daughter being out on the street kicking it and me just waiting for her to waltz in whenever or not caring. I see so many parents who treat their children like they're burdens & I thank GOD that I have a mommy who cared & did better than the best she could to raise me.

I am the mother I am, because of the mother my mother was & IS. So always keep in mind that your little people are watching. Sometimes you have to smile when it hurts, because the babies depend on us to be there shinning light in this cold, dark, insensitive world." - Blessing...Ashton M'
Those five kids on the street, triggered Ashton's own sense of moral motherhood (leadership), and how morality was applied in her life. Now she's assimilating her mother's values upon her child, and that is leadership repeating itself. Thank you Ashton for sharing your reflection with Create-A-Voice, on Every Thursday.
It would not be complete, if we didn't end with an appropriate Hip Hop Proverb, "there is no way I can pay back, but the plan is to show you I understand, you are appreciated...Dear Mama" Tupac Shakur


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