Wednesday, January 9, 2013

#WisdomWed... To Have Vision

1988 was just yesterday, I was graduating from Compton High School and now it's 2013. I am very thankful with major gratitude for this life of mines. This blog-ver-sa-tion is more of a personal and professional post.

I am feeling growth in my writing and it's time for the next level blog-ver-sa-tions. I grew accustom, delivering Create-A-Voice's blog-ver-sa-tions through an APA (American Psychological Association) context never speaking in the first person, using "I" or "me" and, so on... A habit I learned during my academic days.

Over the past 10 years a lot have happened. (1) Many mistakes, (2) plenty of good choices, (3) discerned disagreements and agreements out of patience and humility; making life better and/or obtaining a more in-depth experience. Whether good or bad, I pray to understand the lesson of each trial for its wisdom. I say to you, "Diamonds are born under pressure"and let's become more closer, as from blogger to reader, there is no "I's or You's, We, Us and Our."

Random Thought...."Let's contemplate these paragraphs as a Hip Hop development, song - releasing the stress of our environment as a blog-ver-sa-tion - stay strong." #createavoice

It will be 2 years in February, since we launched Create-A-Voice, and many offline conversations have been held with readers. Here are some points about blogging in general...
  • Too many intellectual writers are thinking their outreach is relevant
  • Most articles and posts overlook the average reader's reality.
  • Need more relevant and real time comprehensive writing having no ego involved
In 2013, we intend to perform the above mentioned and Utilize our network to initiate new engaging blog-ver-sa-tions that are even more relevant for your edutainment.

Last week, we dropped "#WisdomWed... The Power of Outrospection and Empathy" a talk about, developing new relationships, through the eyes of "Empathy."

My first real job was being "cableman!" for a local Los Angeles company. Their orientation and the first lesson or job skill taught was A.C.E. (Accuracy, Clarity and Empathy). Understanding your customer and/or service area from the work order's personality and the moment you enter their home. A valuable soft skill, learning various behavioral norms.

2013, we must embrace a "Revolution of Human Relationships"...Roman Krznaric and begin knowing our neighbor, co-workers and even family members (I know!) more better for progress, social reliance, and community trust.

Do not be afraid to step out your comfort zone, for a greater cause that is bigger than you and a bringer of blessings. If you are still wishing and contemplating and/or depending on anyone other than the Creator and the gifts He has bestowed on you, You might wanna rethink that approach.

It is new year, but everyday is a new day; think, plan and proceed and "May Creator Award you health, security and protection" amin (amen). No Worrying, OK! :-) and get to know people, the right people!

"Either your time is up, or it's your time now" be active and #createavoice!
Wisdom Wednesday are thoughts for social conversation and the sharing of honest opinions, ideals, and Wisdom. All of us have a value worth sharing; it may motivate another to stop, continue and/ or begin a certain process in our personal or social development. #tohavevision
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