Sunday, June 16, 2013

Baseerah and Urban Technology

Being raised in Inner-City America is more of a gift, rather than a curse as most think. Its abrasive and agitating culture contains, insightful mental elements for successful personal growth; and/or can cause stagnation and destruction (your choice). Since African Americans appointment with slavery, our urban culture has always made lemonade from the given lemon. As now stands forth "Baseerah," a consultancy originated out of urban life and its culture. An agency of enhancing one's emotional quality, "to have vision."

A quote from our Twitter page, "Urban communities has its own culture and philosophy, most desire to understand. Comprehension comes through direct experience." Follow us Here

It is an Intelligence obtained by living and surviving urban gorilla warfare, the transacting drug culture, and/or being neglected by either parent. Any one of these symptoms can occur in any community, but when these social ills are an ongoing legacy; embraced by generation- generation. It develops thick skin for a person wanting to be relevant. Poverty is our resource, as oil is to the Bush family. A valuable resource obtained via life's moments of struggle and lessons learned within urban environments, are used as brain food (If you see it this way).

Which initiates the motivation of this blog-ver-sa-tion, what is Urban Technology? Urban Technology is an intimate intelligence of logic; innately owned and shared by an inner-city residents; an imitate life experience - utilized to "Imagine, Plan, and Act with Reality" for a balanced purpose.

This terminology has been Imagined, Designed, and Developed by the author of Create-A-Voice, as an escape vehicle to the next level or appointment. Helping society recover from the last 13-14 years of a tough reality and transitions. Now America has a more in-depth experience through its depreciated social social status.

We have led major events, organized with community leaders, and we are a network of talent; dedicated to Revive, Renew, and Restore a community's mental backbone for success. Baseerah an Arabic word, closely meaning "to have vision" was first learn during a Sunday class at Project Islah. Since we have been actively presenting social innovative strategies for the past six months. Speaking across Southern California Muslim communities, academic departments of social work and religion, and events for community empowerment and more.

After this post goes viral, many will claim this concept as their own. They will be missing some key components (Equity and Swagg), only Baseerah Consultancy has. It is Quantum Physics, we are a small group with surprising infinite insight.
"Accustom yourself and those who are with you to doing good, start everything with good, and remember that for every good habit there is a means to develop it. The means of developing good is patience." Umar Ibn Al Khattab
When you need help, consult with Baseerah where we "Imagine, Plan, and Act with Reality.

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