Thursday, May 1, 2014

Every Thursday with #Facebook52-er

"Every Thursday" will feature people of creativity and/or ideas of leadership throughout their work.

This week's #Facebook52-er is none other than the amazing
 Umar Hakim

I (Amanda Q @iamTheQ) met Umar during one of my
AMCLI retreats in Los Angeles, where he has worked as a community organizer for years. He also has a great love for all things media. His clear vision, sense of humor and thoughtfulness come through in everything I've seen him do. Much love to you brother! (Read about Umar in his own words below)

“I love blogging, but I am not a blogger.” I have ideas about personal development and leadership, so I write about them, but I am not a pro-writer. I am #UmarHakim, a Compton resident who is using a vision imagined on a Commodore64. Raised in Urban America where statistics have said, Black Men won’t survive, Helllooo! I worked in a world of diversity with others expressing new, but genuine ideas for leadership, and I strive as a disruptive soul ~ quietly!

We recently developed “Baseerah,” a consultancy closely meaning #tohavevision. Our group’s objective is simple "Imagine, Plan, and Act with Reality" using non-profit management and new media projects. The first of our projects is a blog Watch, Listen, and Read urban blog-ver-sa-tions. I blog and present with a sense of humor; rooted in strength, an urban compassion, and creative critical-thinking.

We all have a story to narrate while moving toward our appointments. You can follow my story on twitter@whoopwoop, and on Yes those are my handles, except on Instagram its Baseerah. Until next time we meet ~ Peace, Love and WhoopWoop!

Oh… “It seems the world is waking up, wanting a new reality. There are a new set of ppl, who is full of sincerity, and that alone is bonding!” #umarhakim

#createavoice #baseerah #tohavevision #ILMfoundation

Thank you Amanda Q for the recognition! #WhoopWoop! 

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