Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Wednesday's Wisdom... Raise, Reduce, Eliminate

There is a good percentage of people, who believe the world's morality and social conscious is now an upside down culture. Values, principles, and ethics are being re-organized to facilitate what is percieved as bias self-interest actions. Our entertainment, politics, and some organizing campaigns literally isolates freedom of speech from being spoken. Here are my thoughts, or examples of what I feel needs clarity or discussion...
  • How is it so easy, that over two-hundred girls are uprooted into non-existence?
  • Why has not human trafficking been resolved, condemned, and banned?
  • Why does the Gay community feels uncomfortable, when heterosexuals promote advocate for straight marriages?
  • Why does Donald Sterling matters?
  • Why is African American Reality TV shows consumed with ignorance, immoral behaviors, and mental health issues?
These are relevant questions asked by myself as an individual, and groups who are needing clarity. Can we rightfully engage one another to create safe spaces, protection, and freedom of speech without being so easily offended?

I would like to offer these questions as conversation, for your social circles. The idea is to create new spaces, that can properly facilitate and alleviate social apprehensive behavior. There are standards, we as people will have to internalize to consider what is true safety, or can facilitate as mechanisms for achieving a comprehensive platform on human civil rights.

#BeYou, and Authentic

Group or Personal Exercise
  1. Identify an issue, policy, one of the above questions, or something worth internalizing
  2. Create three columns with the following headers: Raise, Reduce, and Eliminate.
  3. Then ask yourself, or the group accordingly which standards should we raise, reduce, and eliminate.
  4. The objective is, identify the true value(s) in creating community safe spaces and protection, and mostly undue sensitivities blocking formations for progress.
Wisdom Wednesday are social reminding conversations. We share our honest opinion and potential wisdom. All of us have a value worth sharing; it may motivate another to stop, continue and/or begin a certain process, for personal growth or leadership development.
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