Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Story Behind #JustFundMe

A few weeks ago, I posted my busted phone and asked my audience to help me replace it, with the tag #JustFundMe. Honestly, it was all humor until the first contribution came through, then the second, and third! The first thing I said, "Thank You God, because there are some generous people who are very supportive!"

I did receive those conversations from people saying "its really too absurb to solicit for a personal want," ironically more contributions were coming in. Now this is becoming mind-blowing study of generousity and how dialogue can be used to counteract negative emotions!

I am a social worker, an organizer who thinks as an entrepreneur. Wonder if I could re-align #JustFundMe's principles and convert this into an endeavor ~ that would help be others? By the Creator's Permission the idea began showing some form.

Everyone has a favorite Tee, with an eye-appealing image or catchy slogan. I thought about the following description, then identified a socially innovative company to assist and below is the product.

Here is an excerpt from a conversation, I just had while writing this blog-ver-sa-tion, and it goes...

The idea is to sell 50 Tees, and use a portion to to Help Someone; like a student, someone homeless, and/or help a number of people with basic needs. After reaching this goal, I will post here at Create-A-Voice who we are Helping. (See a presentation I did on Compassionate Leadeership and assisting others) The other portion will go back into operation to continue this endeavor.

"#JustFundMe is a fair exchange to promote good and encouage others to be generous thinkers, speakers, & generous doers but only within your capactity to act, do not over exceed your limits."

Inspire Generosity to Your Friends. Wear an Inspiration that Encourages a Dialogue. TAKE LEAD to Spark Change, while Feeling & Looking Socially Relevant!

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Inspire Generosity to Your Friends 
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