Saturday, March 26, 2011

Our intention...

Photo by Zipipop Theory

is Simple "Create A Voice" for unique content. So far, we have posted content about; community service, filmmakers, political events, social conscious thoughts with music simply just expressing ourselves in a social+tainment mind frame - and still it's just a fraction of what's on our minds. The internet has opened the doors for entrepreneurs to achieve niche markets around audiences who desire creative Video, Music and Journalism; translating to Watch, Listen and Read.

During 2011, we intend on building a new experience for users to share their creative voices across the web. A platform for individuals, organizations and institutions to express intellectual creative thoughts to the World - See diagram for our target audience... We invite Skillful individuals to join this New Media project, email us at  "create a voice at gmail dot com"....Share the Vision and WhoopWoop! Let's talk...I see you watching.

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