Thursday, June 9, 2011

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A true test by the CAV Broadcast System
 We apologize for interrupting your regular Watch, Listen and Read content for this important Message:

Being an urban resident, sometimes our vision of hope can be clouded by social issues that has been plaguing our communities for years. Today, issues such as; education, health care, foreclosure and Islamophobia is seriously clouding the vision of America. Times of economic hardship is changing the political landscape asking for relevant leadership, because metropolitan demographics are becoming more complex to describe. All this being said, this is being written while watching Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, a show of change for diverse situations and resolving issues.

The elements of this show are clear teaching components for resolving public policies, that inhibits a people from experiencing equal social value. Within it is; Purpose, a Coalition, Organizers and Skillful Action; all creating a powerful message for change. If you want change, each and every person will have to change and challenge the fear of engagement. 
  • Ignite your purpose for the advocacy of no health insurance, public education and regulation for best practices in banking.
  • Indicate a coalition that is relevant and can represent your thoughts; ILM Foundation for domestic service projects, LA Voice Pico handles civic measures, MPAC/ CAIR for civil rights and national policy, and 3on3 Skid Row Basketball League for life skills for those in transition and rehab. 
"All are organizers of skillful action working now for better living"

In the core of America are voices of solidarity advocating for the right reason "people." It will take a conglomerate of leaders, organizations and institutions to eradicate and create new policies for a country in transition procuring good intentions for life. Mostly the people "us" will have to become more involved and re-brand the American Voice; FDR, King, Shabazz and Chavez. Effectively erasing racism or favoritism, homelessness and create an example for the new urban world. The essence of the United States is diversity; its landscape is relevant to understand the root causes in our global society and leadership will require an unique thinking brand for diversity. 

 “Organize and Advocate for Awareness, Assist for Change.”  

This is a true test, please refer to your rebuilding America kits
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