Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wisdom Wednesday....My Profile

*Special Double Dose of #WisdomWednesday...please enjoy My Profile and Peeves

Wisdom Wednesday are thoughts for social conversation and sharing our honest opinions, ideals and Wisdom. All of us have a value worth sharing; it may motivate another to stop, continue and/ or begin a certain process in our personal or social development.

My Profile...

On March 11th we posted an article about, Women who post lots of photos of themselves on Facebook... from the LA Times Blog, which led to this blog-ver-sa-tion. Psychology has always been apart of marketing, in fact the colors of the Create A Voice logo has psychological meaning. The psych of a profile can be fascinating and even in some cases predict behavior. A person's profile can explain so much about their character. So ask yourself a question, What is My Profile saying about me?

On what ever social network you have a profile with; your pictures can say a thousand words, your "shares and links" can indicate a certain taste and the "groups" definitely shouts out interest or preference. Carefully examining someone's profile you can come to love them more or run! Consequently, we could misread a profile and assume the total opposite of the profile's intention; mainly due to their expressions.

Facebook's infamous Status box has read out some informational, enjoyable, alarming and simply "What" updates. These thoughts can really tell a lot about someone's personality for example.... 

  • You have the one friend who always states something nice, a wise quote or religious gesture; this person's character can be refreshing, especially if you needed to feel this status.
  • Another is the person, who say the right things and can be soothing but too much can be an overdose. 
  • Or the one request you accepted and after just a few clicks from confirming them, they post something depressing or simply "TMI" too much info for the open and then they keep doing it again, again and again....
  • Here's an old acquaintance and you would think maturity would have settled in by now..."nope!" Every refresh drama is posted, they bring up old adventures no one should know and keep scanning those old pictures you thought no would one ever see. Just an annoying nature attracting unwanted attention.
The profiles of these personalities can say a lot about an individual. It's not like I'm making this up, but case studies of social networking is a big business. Based on the inter-connectivity of people's likes, shares, posts and interests - activities between nodes (a social network).

It's worthy to understand how you are being perceived, and what cyber image we are creating for ourselves; an impression that can last as long as the internet is running....Because some of this stuff you cannot Delete!

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