Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wisdom Wednesday Review

Since February of this year we've been posting blog-ver-sa-tions called Wisdom Wednesday, where we have dialogue around relevant topics, an issue and/ or events. I wanted to highlight some of the most read WWs. Here's one where we discussed the online social status "It's Complicated" ......

"a term used to describe a relationship status. According the movie Social Network, it's a driving force of social life and it's the first bit of information sought out on profiles. Is it a social label for "holding on" or just an excuse. A blog-ver-sa-tion that can go in any direction, but it's worth a conversation. Hopefully these 3 situations, can shed some light. Let's see...." Read more here.... 

"What's interesting about this blog-ver-sa-tion was our angle using relevant stories witnessed in another person speaking. Many readers related to this one. Being divorce statistics are soaring and it seems single status has no end. A good question to ask what the "hell" are we doing, the good loving a bad situation and the bad just making more confusion. I tell you what, "I going to get myself together and change my life for the better" cause I am within these statistics as well." You should also check out...
Posting this next blog-ver-sa-tion was a bit touchy for some of my virtual friends, thinking I was referring to their online activity about "Women who post lots of photos of themselves on Facebook value appearance, need attention, study finds." It was a study on LA Times that caught my attention. I simply wanted people to know, how our data can be viewed as a psychological profile. Here is the video associated with the post...

"I can see why you would think this is about you; having 90 million different pics of you and all those mirror pics of you, friend's parties and you - with all the comments about you. You been doing this since Myspace! Never worry, I would never try to embarrass a friend or love one while in blog-ver-sa-tion mode; between us - yes, but not here."
Since 2002 this blog-ver-sa-tionist has been in personal and professional development, you've read alot of typos - should read my earlier work. I did not know then ALL CAPS was hollering! Skills, Interests and Values are vitally important to recognize. Here is an audio blog-ver-sa-tion..

"By recognizing your core values, it should signal a direction of interest toward your desired future. Otherwise we'll be working another man's vision, and that is coming to an end soon, Occupiers are tired of serving the 1%."
Well looking back we've held blog-ver-sa-tions around some interesting topics and by the Creator's Will we intend on not stopping. One thing I'm learning is, to constantly seek education from the highest to the lowest of society and follow the One Who Guides' Guidance and do not follow our consequences or circumstances, learn from them but not dwell in them. 

Watch, Listen and Read ... Blog-ver-sa-tions, Changing te Blogging World with a Relevant Personality.

Wisdom Wednesday are thoughts for social conversations; Sharing honest opinions, ideals, and Wisdom. All of us have a value worth sharing; it may motivate another to stop, continue and/ or begin a certain process in our personal or social development. 
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